Current River Conditions

Surface Water Temperature

Summer Swimability Study - weekly bacteria testing results at popular swimming holes

Streamflow Data:

UGRA provides funds to support USGS streamflow gauging stations in Kerr County. Access to these stations can be easily obtained through the following links:

Texas Statewide Streamflow Table

Kerr County:

Kendall County:

Comal County:

US Geological Survey Resources to Understand Streamflow:
Streamflow and the Water Cycle
How Streamflow is Measured

Local Rainfall Data:

  • The USDA Research Laboratory in Kerrville maintains current and historic weather data files.
  • The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority Kerr County Rainfall System tracks rainfall over the past 24 hours in table or map format (location map).
  • Sections of north west Kerr County drain into the Colorado River watershed. Rainfall over the past 24 hours is tracked by the Lower Colorado River Authority.

Spring Flow Data:

Since 2008, UGRA has monitored Guadalupe River sites just downstream from known springs or spring groups.

Spring Flow Study data is available upon request.

The importance of spring flow to the Guadalupe River was examined in this report by LBG-Guyton Associates:

Spring Flow Contribution to the Headwaters of the Guadalupe River in Western Kerr County, Texas