(Every Other) Tuesday Trivia

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It’s Every Other Tuesday Trivia time, brought to you by the Upper Guadalupe River Authority: Protecting our Guadalupe River through education, monitoring, and planning.

Read on for tips to answering this week's trivia question:

Overall, the Guadalupe River in Kerr County exists in a fairly natural and free flowing state as it meanders from Hunt to Comfort.  The unspoiled condition of the river is what allows it to support a vast diversity of aquatic life.  One of the most important aspects of the river that helps protect water quality is the vital strip of land along the waterway called the riparian area.

The riparian area is a band of dense, native vegetation along a body of water.  This zone can be identified by high soil moisture, frequent flooding, and the unique collection of plants and animals found there.  The distinct community of soil and vegetation form a network of roots and ground cover that intercept runoff from upland areas and stabilize the river bank.  These areas also act like a sponge and have the capacity to store water for sustained release back into the river.  Millions of seeps and springs along the banks of the river and on the river bottom add groundwater to the river and keep it flowing even during times of drought.     

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