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Plateau Water Planning Region (Region J)

Planning Purpose and Process

Stretching from the Central Texas Hill Country westward to the Rio Grande, the Plateau Water Planning Region is located along the southern boundary of the Edwards Plateau and includes Bandera, Edwards, Kerr, Kinney, Real and Val Verde Counties (map).  The Region hosts part of five major River Basins (Rio Grande, Nueces, San Antonio, Colorado and Guadalupe) and their spring-fed tributaries. While underground, the Region is served by three major (Edwards-Trinity Plateau, Edwards BFZ, and Trinity) and several minor aquifers. The Plateau Region is one of 16 water planning regions designated by the Texas Water Development Board (map)

2016 Plateau Region Water Plan

The 2016 Plateau Region Water Plan was adopted by the Plateau Water Planning Group (PWPG) on October 29, 2015, and is a regional component of the 2017 State Water Plan. The purpose of the Plateau Region Water Plan is to provide a document that water planners and water users can reference for short- and long-term water management recommendations. Equally important, the Regional Water Plan serves as an educational tool to enlighten all citizens of the importance of properly managing and conserving the pristine water resources of this Region.

Region Water Planning Process

In response to the drought of the 1950s and in recognition of the need to plan for the future, The Texas Legislature created the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) to evaluate the availability of the state’s water resources and prepare plans to meet the state’s future water needs. In 1997, the Legislature established a new water planning process coordinated by 16 planning groups representing 16 designated water planning regions (map). The planning groups are each made up of about 20 members that represent a variety of water supply interests. The planning groups conduct all functions at open meetings in an open and participatory manner. Every five years, water plans developed by the 16 regions are merged by the TWDB into a state Water Plan. The ultimate goal of the State Water Plan is to identify policies and actions that may be needed to meet Texas’ near- and long-term water needs based on a reasonable projected use of water, affordable water supply availability, and conservation of the state’s natural resources.

The 16 regional water plans are developed according to a set of guidelines to insure uniformity of format and contain the following major tasks:


Plateau Water Planning Group

The Plateau Water Planning Group (PWPG) is a voluntary association comprised of knowledgeable members representing a minimum of 11 water-use categories, including at least one representative from each of the six counties and from the three Groundwater Management Areas (GMAs).

PWPG Members

Current Membership Information

Vacancy Notice

PWPG Meeting Materials

PWPG 2021 Plan Materials

Draft Chapter 2 - Population and Water Demand

2A – Non-Municipal Water Demand Projections

            2021 Plan Non-Municipal Water Demand Projections

2B – Population and Municipal Water Demand Projections

            Table 2-1. Plateau Region Population Projections

            Table 2-2. Plateau Region Municipal Water Demand Projections

            Table 2-5. County-Other Water Supply Entities

            Utility Based Water User Groups (WUGs)

3 - Regional Water Supply Sources

            Plateau Region Request for Hydrologic Assumptions Approval 

4B - Potentially Feasible Water Management Strategies

            Process for Identifying Potentially Feasible Strategies

5B – Water Conservation Recommendations

            TWDB Plateau Region Municipal Water Conservation Quantification Project

Fifth Cycle (2021) Regional Water Planning Documents

Grant Funding Notice of Application

Current Planning Cycle Working Timeline

TPWD Water Planning Guidelines

Plateau Region Reports