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Plateau Water Planning Group (Region J)

Planning Purpose and Process

In response to the drought of the 1950s and in recognition of the need to plan for the future, the legislature created the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) to develop water supplies and prepare plans to meet the state's future water needs.  In 1997, the legislature established a new water planning process coordinated by 16 planning groups, one for each regional water planning area (map).  The planning groups are each made up of about 20 members and represent a variety of interests.  The planning groups conduct all functions at open meetings in an open and participatory manner.


The ongoing work of the regional water planning process consists of seven tasks:


Once the planning group adopts their regional water plan, the plan is sent to TWDB for approval, who then compiles information from the approved regional water plans and other sources to develop the state water plan.


The Plateau Water Planning Region stretches from the Central Texas Hill Country westward to the Rio Grande and consists of Bandera, Edwards, Kerr, Kinney, Real and Val Verde counties (map). 

PWPG Members

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PWPG Meeting Schedule and Agenda

Regular Meeting Leakey April 8, 2015 (location TBD)

Regular Meeting Bandera February 19, 2015


PWPG Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting November 13, 2014

Regular Meeting August 21, 2014

Public Meeting May 22, 2014

Regular Meeting May 22, 2014

Regular Meeting February 20, 2014

Regular Meeting December 5, 2013

Regular Meeting June 20, 2013

Regular Meeting November 15, 2012

Regular Meeting August 30, 2012

Regular Meeting November 10, 2011

Regular Meeting August 11, 2011

Regular Meeting May 26, 2011

Public Meeting May 26, 2011

Public Meeting May 25, 2011

Regular Meeting March 10, 2011  

Archive Minutes 1998-2010


Grant Funding for the Fifth Cycle of Regional Water Planning

NEW Notice of Application

NEW Notice of Public Meeting


Draft 2016 Plateau Region Water Plan Documents

Current Cycle Working Documents

Laughlin AFB Water Demand Projections - Proposed Revision

Draft Ch. 1 Plateau Region Description

Draft Ch. 2 Population and Water Demand

Draft Ch. 3 Regional Water Supply Sources

Draft Ch. 7 Regional Drought Response


Current 2011 Plateau Region Water Plan 

Prepared January 2011


2006 Plateau Region Water Plan

Prepared January 5, 2006

2006 Plan Appendix


Plateau Region Reports