Whether you are a startup or decades-old business, having the right brand story and logo might be the most important part of your marketing. We’ll make sure your brand is dialed-in and applied consistently, building value for you now and for years to come. Through the years, we’ve developed brands from sporting goods and breweries to piano teachers and entire municipalities. Alara will not only develop a brand with you, but also make sure you have the knowledge on how to apply it effectively.


Do you ever feel like you just need someone to “sort it all out?” It all starts with a plan. We’ll help you align your business goals with your marketing activities. Working alongside you, the days of “marketing roulette” will finally be over. From four pages to forty, our written plans will bring clarity to your marketing efforts. Our team will take the time to learn about your company and where you are driving it, and assemble the blend of tools and marketing activities you need to succeed.

Print & Packaging

In the last 19 years, we’ve completed literally hundreds of printed jobs. Are you tired of your print ads? Do you need new sales materials? Our local graphic designers have sketchbooks at the ready. From basic campaigns to complete visual makeovers, we can create it. And we work with numerous printers to make sure things look great. We’re also fully capable of developing and delivering product packaging that works in your supply chain and maintains your brand integrity.

Website & development

Do you need to build a new website? Does your existing website need a facelift? Interested in eCommerce? Whether you want to maintain your site yourself or want a managed option, we’ve got you covered. And we build and support every site with local staff and developers. Every Alara site is mobile-ready from launch.

Social Media

Social Media offers huge opportunities to connect with customers. If you need help with facebook, twitter, instagram, or any other platform, we’ll get you up to speed. Our specialists offer training as well as complete social management. Social is just one more tool to build relationships that build strong brands.

Direct Mail

For certain businesses, direct mail is still a great way to get in front of your target customers. With our solutions, you can say goodbye to hours of stamps and stickers. Just approve the artwork and set the schedule. Done.

Email Marketing

Email is just one more way reinforce your connection with customers. Monthly newsletters to daily specials, we keep your email campaigns beautiful, legally compliant, deliverable, and converting.

Make Us Your Marketing Dept

Sometimes, you just need marketing “handled.” Alara can manage your entire marketing effort, allowing you to focus on operations, finance, and other parts of the business. We’ll meet with you at regular intervals to keep communication lines open, set and stick to budgets that make sense, and adapt with you every step of the way. Many business owners find that another set of eyes and hands in marketing and advertising can be a great help to their overall business picture.