Clean Rivers Program

Established in 1991, the Texas Clean Rivers Program (CRP) is a state fee-funded, non-regulatory program that was created to provide a framework and forum for managing water quality issues in a more holistic manner. The focus of the program is to work at the watershed level, within each river basin, by coordinating the efforts of diverse organizations.

The goal of CRP is to maintain and improve the quality of water within each river basin in Texas through an ongoing partnership involving TCEQ, local entities, and citizens. The program aims to identify and evaluate water quality issues by looking at the entire watershed.
The Upper Guadalupe River Authority (UGRA) carries out the CRP water quality management efforts in the upper Guadalupe River basin under contract to TCEQ. These efforts include water quality monitoring, assessment, and public outreach activities.

UGRA conducts CRP sampling to monitor water quality at ten Kerr County locations and one Kendall County location. These sampling sites stretch from Hunt to Waring and are monitored four times per year for baseline water quality parameters. An additional five sites are monitored monthly for bacteria and field parameters only. Water samples are collected and analyzed at the UGRA Environmental Laboratory and the GBRA Environmental Laboratory.

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