Water Resources Preservation

As Kerr County’s population increases, the need to provide adequate protection for our water resources becomes more urgent. Growth of residential and commercial areas usually accompanies the removal of vegetation and the addition of impervious surfaces such as roofs, parking lots, and streets. These modifications increase the potential for pollution to enter waterway through surface runoff, but stormwater management practices can reduce this impact.

Grant Program

The Water Resources Preservation Grant Program is an incentive program funded by UGRA. The program provides cost share funding for design and construction of stormwater management practices commonly referred to as best management practices (BMPs). The program provides rebates for a portion of the cost of specific management practices that reduce, infiltrate, filter, and delay stormwater runoff. These types of practices fall under the umbrella terms of Low Impact Development (LID), nature-based solutions, and Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI). Applications to the grant program will be accepted on a continuous basis. See program documents below for additional details.

Program Documents

Additional Resources

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