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Since its creation by the Texas Legislature in 1939, the Upper Guadalupe River Authority (UGRA) has been committed to enhancing the quality of life for all who visit and for all who call Kerr County home. With the completion of UGRA Lake (now Nimitz Lake), UGRA Dam and water treatment facilities in 1981, UGRA made surface water available to the City of Kerrville so that city residents would not have to rely solely upon declining groundwater supplies. In 1989, UGRA initiated the preliminary engineering on an Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) project. The state’s first ASR project was completed in 1992. In February 1998, the project began injecting treated surface waters into the Hosston-Sligo sands of the lower Trinity aquifer system. Today, UGRA’s regional environmental laboratory serves as a regional resource for water quality. Local citizens and clients throughout Southwest Texas utilize UGRA’s laboratory for water and wastewater analyses.

UGRA underwent a major transformation in 1998 by divesting itself of its water supply infrastructure, water treatment facilities and a large portion of its surface water permits. Concurrent with this change, UGRA retained a portion of its surface water rights for future use in Kerr County. Though UGRA’s role has changed over time, one aspect remains constant; UGRA is dedicated to serving the citizens of Kerr County. It has been rightly stated that the Guadalupe River is the “Crown Jewel” of Kerr County.  In 2005, the Board of Directors forged a new vision to launch UGRA into the future by initiating a strategic planning process to serve as a roadmap to achieve that vision.  UGRA remains steadfast in its mission to conserve and reclaim all surface water in Kerr County while facilitating the use of surface water for future economic development. UGRA’s mission statement follows.

UGRA Mission Statement

The mission of the Upper Guadalupe River Authority is to protect the health of the Guadalupe River watershed in Kerr County by managing water quality and water quantity, promoting stewardship, and providing services to support our communities.

Texas Sunset Advisory Commission Review

UGRA was reviewed by the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission during the 2022-2023 review cycle.  Sunset staff evaluates the agency and issues recommendations for positive change. The Commission considers the recommendations, hears public testimony, and decides on a package of changes to bring to the full Legislature.  Visit the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission website to view reports related to UGRA.

UGRA Goals

The Upper Guadalupe River Authority has written short term goals which are for the current fiscal year. They are specific goals which can be completed during that time, and they are used for the fiscal year budgeting process. The Authority also has written long term goals which address each area of the mission of the Upper Guadalupe River Authority.

UGRA Financial Management - Approved Annual Budget

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Management Audit

House Bill 3693 Compliance Report

Electricity, water and natural gas consumption:
Report period: FY23 (Oct. 2022 – Sep. 2023)

Kilowatt-hours (kWh): 98,660
Cost: $10,351.87

Centum cubic feet (CCF): 2,066
Cost: $3,730.01

Gallons: 232,500
Cost: $2,256.82

Public Information Requests

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To request records, please complete this form and submit to UGRA. Request for Public Records Form  

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Social Media Policy

UGRA social media accounts are used to provide official information to the public regarding UGRA activities and programs. READ MORE about terms of use.

Board Meeting Schedule, Agendas, and Minutes

UGRA Contact Information

For information about our Board of Directors, please visit our Board of Directors page.

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Questions, Comments and Complaints

You may submit a question, comment or complaint through the form at the bottom of the page, by speaking with UGRA staff via phone, or by mail. UGRA will review the information and determine if further action or investigation is required. We'll also notify you of the disposition of the complaint if you have provided your contact information.