Rainwater Harvesting

Resources for Rainwater Harvesting

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Rainwater Catchment Rebate Program

The goal of the rebate program is to promote water conservation and watershed stewardship through rainwater harvesting. The Rainwater Catchment Rebate Program is available to anyone with a Kerr County address and will reimburse eligible applicants up to $500 when they provide proof of purchase of rainwater catchment system equipment. Each address is eligible once per calendar year.

This rebate program is open to businesses or individuals in Kerr County. Proof of purchase for rainwater catchment system equipment must be dated within the last 12 months.  Equipment must be installed before rebate payment can be processed. Payment by UGRA is subject to the availability of funds.

Rainwater System Grant Program

UGRA is promoting water conservation and management of stormwater runoff by providing a matching grant reimbursement from $5,000 to $15,000 to fund rainwater  catchment systems in Kerr County. The program is open to all nonprofit organizations, schools, and public entities interested in initiating a rainwater catchment system  or expanding a current system in Kerr County. Applicants can request a maximum of 75% of the project cost up to $15,000.