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Waterwise Landscaping: Conservation in Your Backyard

UGRA hosted a seminar on Friday September 22, 2023. The seminar discussed strategies and incentives to conserve water in landscaping including rainwater harvesting, native plants, and irrigation methods. The resources from that event are posted below.

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The Importance of Native Plants in Your Xeriscape presented by Deedy Wright (PDF)

Pollinator Gardens presented by Frank Garcia (PDF)

Landscaping for Water Conservation presented by Anne Brown (PDF)

Water Conservation and Irrigation presented by Amanda Griffin (PDF)

Rain Gardens 101 presented by Shelby Taber (PDF)

Native Tree Health presented by Karen Rockoff (PDF)

Handouts from Presenters

Don't Rock Your Landscape

Is it a weed patch or a garden?

Basic Landscape Tips and Helpful Hints for Growing Native Plants

Getting Started with Your Xeriscape

Seven Basic Principles of Xeriscape

Recommended Easy to Grow Native Plants for the Kerrville Area

Landscaping and Plant Resources