Texas Parks and Wildlife Rainbow Trout Stocking Program

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Here at the Upper Guadalupe River Authority, we encourage stewardship of our watershed to protect the ecology of the Guadalupe River and our water supply, but also so that we can enjoy the great outdoors and our beautiful river. There are many ways to do so throughout the year but, as cooler weather approaches and water temperatures drop, going for a swim may not be as pleasant as it can be on a hot summer day. However, for all the anglers who love to get out to the river and enjoy everything it has to offer, even when it's cold, you're in luck! The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has a fish stocking program that sees thousands of rainbow trout stocked during the winter in lakes, rivers, and community ponds throughout Texas. Get your poles ready and, unless you're under the age of 17, make sure you have your freshwater fishing license, because on December 19th and January 17th, TPWD will stock rainbow trout in the Guadalupe River at Louise Hays Park!

When you head out to go fishing, we encourage you to take a trash bag, old grocery bag, or a bucket to collect fishing line you switched out, tackle that may have broken, or any trash left behind by someone else. Taking care of our river is a community responsibility and, if everyone does their part, it will remain beautiful and healthy for generations to come.

Check out the rest of the website for more information on keeping the Guadalupe River clean. Also, check out the links and videos below for more information on the rainbow trout stocking program, the stocking process, and a delicious looking recipe!

Tuesday, December 19, 2023, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stocked 1,207 rainbow trout at Louise Hays Park. Anglers, with fishing poles at the ready, were there to take in this moment. We're glad to have captured this moment and we want to thank Chris with TPWD for making the delivery and ensuring the process went smoothly!

Chris with Texas Parks and Wildlife

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